Hello! We are the Laurel Run Communuty Watershed Association. In 1990, a group of folks who live along the Laurel joined together to successfully halt strip mining near the stream's headwaters. We feared acid mine runoff would kill life in and along the stream.

Today our goal is to continue protecting Laurel Run by educating housing development residents about the best ways to help the stream remain as pure as it is today. In their day to day lives, folks sometimes innocently use chemicals and practices that threaten stream life. Reading this information will help you recongize those threats and what to do about them

Laurel Run begins near Halleck in Monogalia County. It passes through farms and woodland in Taylor and Preston Counties, emptying into Three Fork Creek some six miles downstream.

Pure streams are sufficiently rare in our state that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection protects them. Laurel Run is one of the few such pure streams in northern West Virginia. Deer, bear, fox, cattle, and turkey rely on it for water. An occasional egret or kingfisher can be seen patrolling the shores. Brown and rainbow trout live in the deeper pools where the water is cooler.

The bottom line is that those living along the Laurel, whether on a farm, a lot, or in a housing development, live next to a miracle. Despite mining, logging, farming, saw milling and just plain life Laurel Run remains as pure today as it was a century ago. As such, it adds value not only to the quality of our lives, but to the economic value of our property. No one wants to live next to a dirty, discolored stream that supports no life.

The links on the left lead to information we hope you will use in helping preserve the Laurel for yourselves and future generations.

"When you drink the water, remember the spring" -- Chinese proverb

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